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ZEPS is the leading source for a sustainable and economical solution for transit agencies looking to start an electric fleet. It is a proven technology that has been tested for more than 4 million miles of revenue service. These deployments have been proven to perform successfully in all types of weather conditions. The ZEPS bus is a quiet operation, capable of running over 150-miles on a single charge.


From turnkey solutions to high performance components. Designed, developed and produced in-house.


ZEPS is committed to providing the transit industry with the most advanced technologies. The unmatched performance of ZEPS delivers a significantly longer operating range while maintaining battery life.

Battery Packs

Using lithium ion NMC battery packs allows for a reduction in battery pack weight. The battery packs offer highly integrated all-in-one solutions for a variety of different applications. Battery sizes available in 403kWh, 504kWh, and 605kWh.

Composite Light-Weight Flooring

High-density polyurethane foam reinforced with layers of fiberglass and finished off with rubber flooring is used throughout the bus. Composite flooring is light-weight and provides a stronger route and corrosive resistance to natural elements.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

By utilizing LED Lighting throughout the bus, the lighting energy consumption is reduced by two-thirds. The decrease of energy increases the lifespan of the bulb resulting in lower maintenance cost and provides more power to other components of the bus.


The ZEPS bus is built on proven American bus chassis. Its motor control system provides an optimum level of integration for any transit application. The components used in the drivetrain are built in a compact package to lower vehicle weight and maximize range and cycle life. The resulting low-weight propulsion system provides 2065 foot-pounds of torque at start and a smooth acceleration profile.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are designed to maintain comfortable internal air temperature for enhanced passenger comfort.

Intelligent Climate Control System

An intelligent climate control system is critical for passenger comfort. The ZEPS bus provides intelligent climate control that maintains optimal internal temperature in all-weather conditions. The all-electric roof top mounted air conditioning system provides uniform cooling at all vehicle speeds and loads. The energy efficient system is twice as efficient as traditional water-based cooling systems and is 50 percent lighter in weight.