We are changing

the way public transit


Complete Coach Works (CCW) Presents

The Remanufactured All-Electric Transit Bus

CCW takes a simple approach to sustainability by minimizing their environmental impact, enhancing value to customers, and providing sustainable solutions. Working with its sister company Transit Sales International, CCW developed its own system by taking existing low floor transit buses and remanufactured them into like-new vehicles containing ZEPS all-electric drivetrain systems. The resulting ZEPS bus enforces CCW’s commitment to sustainability has enabled them to assist countless transit agencies in their pursuit of preserving the planet for future generations.

The Process

Join the move to sustainable transportation.



ZEPS buses can be integrated into most fleets and are composed of fewer moving parts.


ZEPS provides customers a viable alternative to fossil fuel as it provides a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


ZEPS buses are built with a proven American chassis and only top tier parts, providing safe and reliable transportation.


A remanufactuered all-electric ZEPS bus requires less maintenance reducing operational costs.


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